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  1. 1. get braces
    615 people
  2. 2. relax
    1,987 people
  3. 3. learn to relax
    648 people
  4. 4. visualize myself successful and happy
    7 people
  5. 5. declutter my house
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    993 people
  6. 6. stop hoarding
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    21 people
  7. 7. clean
    111 people
  8. 8. learn how to clean
    2 people
  9. 9. get organized
    6,541 people
  10. 10. meet local moms
    1 person
  11. 11. clear out junk email
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  12. 12. stop worrying
    2,120 people
  13. 13. get stuff done
    4 people
  14. 14. grow taller
    1,472 people
  15. 15. wake up when my alarm clock goes off
    7,426 people
  16. 16. do a weeklong detox diet
    55 people
  17. 17. Volunteer
    5,554 people
  18. 18. make a daily "to do" list that i actually follow
    144 people
  19. 19. buy a new printer
    9 people
  20. 20. Be a good sister
    160 people
  21. 21. be a better mom
    760 people
  22. 22. find a great job
    111 people
  23. 23. redo my room
    146 people
  24. 24. Keep in closer contact with friends (regularly)
    156 people
  25. 25. get a new bed
    52 people
Recent entries
stop hoarding
Hanging onto Life

I grew up with my mother saving everything. My dad used to joke around about her being a pack rat. It was cute, when I was a kid. Now I am an adult and it is actually causing friction at home, in the home, with myself, my husband and I definately don’t want my kids to learn not to throw anything away.

The problem with this? The problem is that if it is broken, it is in the trash. If it didn’t make it to the trash, then it means it is perfectly fine. Why would I throw away perfectly good stuff?

I have held onto everything from toys, books, clothes, baby furniture and all baby stuff. I’m not planning on having anymore children.

I have held onto all this stuff because I figured that someone could use it.

I don’t know how to get rid of stuff and it has taken over my basement, garage and miscellaneous clutter around the house.

Just wondering what everyone with or without a hoarding issue does with your stuff and how to conquer this.


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