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have my old Cannondale bike maintenanced
Bike Maintenance

First, I rode it briefly to assess what I thought it needed. Then, I loaded it up, took it to a local bike shop. I informed them that I knew it needed new tires, tubes, grips and greased. They let me know that they have a maintenance that they perform that also checks brakes, chain, etc. for one fee.

I left it with them for only a couple of days…she rides like new!!

go to vietnam
Viet Nam

I’ve heard it is a very beautiful lush tropical place. Want to explore the country that was a huge part of my childhood – hearing about the VietNam war. Also, love the french language, so will enjoy it’s french history.

enlarge patio for more outdoor living!

We love our larger patio! We spend a lot more time in the backyard than we did. We’ve always been “yard” people, but now we have neighbors over for cookouts, drinks, visiting much more than we did before. It’s amazing how it has made a difference—even in the hot summer weather, it beckons us to spend time outside in the evenings and mornings more than we previously were spending!

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