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I'm doing 3 things

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  1. 1. Learn Spanish
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  2. 2. learn bulgarian
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  3. 3. find out what my blood type is
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find out what my blood type is

I want to know my blood type because a month ago a friend of mine tried to guess my blood type based on my character. (He lives in Japan and Japanese do believe that people with the same blood type have some common features and employers do take this into consideration) So he said either I’m B or AB, cant be O or A. I know he’s right because couple of years ago I had a test. But now I dont remember exactly whether I’m B or AB..

Learn Spanish

I love Spanish (actually its the only language I like – those I already know don’t count). I took courses 2 years ago but I had to quit after 3months. Now I have spare time and I want to start again.

learn bulgarian

I have some Bulgarian friends (and a Bulgarian guy that I really like hehe) so I want to understand them better and be able to speak with them. Plus, i can speak Russian, so it will be much more easier to learn Bulgarian. And I just like learning languages. I want to know as much as possible.


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