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be true to myself
what if my true self sucks?

i’m nowhere near good looking, cameras make me look like a monster.
i stopped being true because it makes me loathe seeing myself in the mirror. my mind always find errors in people’s ways, and if i don’t hold myself, every word of my mouth will hurt everyone. and i am no friend to women.

since every person is different, is it possible that i am the worst combination of personas?

is finding the true self worth it? what if others don’t like my true self?

what if my true self sucks?

improve myself

i FEEL selfish, i feel my importance fleeting, no- my reason for existence fleeting. my family always say “you can do it!”,
but i just cant find the motivation nor the willpower to change.
am i so hard-headed that i cant even move a finger towards the change?

what if my true self hurts others?

my college performance sucks,i’m still single, and i’m lazy.

sometimes i wonder, is it really worth my family’s resources to support and raise ME? the worthless and insignificant me?

how do i even start changing? what is the procedure??

and i wish i could stop whining on internet like this, but losers who have no willpower nor strength like me had no right to stand proud like all you people and can only whine.. like a stray dog..


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