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stop pulling my hair (read all 162 entries…)
Day 1

Yesterday I managed to go pull-free! Yes! So that is one day down and 165 days to go before the wedding. Doing well so far today, but I will update tomorrow. Night-time is my worst time so I can’t get too lax. Major triggers for me are: being tired, peanuts, caffeine, driving. It’s so gross. Hate that I have this issue.

stop pulling my hair (read all 162 entries…)
I have 166 days to get this under control

My best friend is getting married on August 9th and I am her maid of honor. I have 166 days to get this nasty habit under control or I will be publicly humiliated. I want to feel great getting my hair done, don’t want to have to explain to yet another hairdresser about my bald spots and tell them that I have a thyroid problem or that my hair got burned in the hair dryer. ha!

So…this is my day one. I am super motivated to do this. Gotta make it happen.

run run run
It's fun to run

Last year, my husband and I ran a 5k and a 4.2 mile race. We were also very happy with our results. The hot summer months really slowed our progress, but we started running again this fall. I feel very comfortable running 2-3 miles at a time and I would like to increase my mileage and improve my pace.

Today was the first day of the year and we ran only about a mile, but hey…better than nothing!

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