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stop pulling my hair (read all 162 entries…)
Day 1

Yesterday I managed to go pull-free! Yes! So that is one day down and 165 days to go before the wedding. Doing well so far today, but I will update tomorrow. Night-time is my worst time so I can’t get too lax. Major triggers for me are: being tired, peanuts, caffeine, driving. It’s so gross. Hate that I have this issue.

stop pulling my hair (read all 162 entries…)
I have 166 days to get this under control

My best friend is getting married on August 9th and I am her maid of honor. I have 166 days to get this nasty habit under control or I will be publicly humiliated. I want to feel great getting my hair done, don’t want to have to explain to yet another hairdresser about my bald spots and tell them that I have a thyroid problem or that my hair got burned in the hair dryer. ha!

So…this is my day one. I am super motivated to do this. Gotta make it happen.

run run run
It's fun to run

Last year, my husband and I ran a 5k and a 4.2 mile race. We were also very happy with our results. The hot summer months really slowed our progress, but we started running again this fall. I feel very comfortable running 2-3 miles at a time and I would like to increase my mileage and improve my pace.

Today was the first day of the year and we ran only about a mile, but hey…better than nothing!

stop pulling my hair (read all 162 entries…)
2013 has to be the year

With the exception of an eight month pull-free time in 2007, I have been pulling a significant amount for almost 10 years. That makes me so depressed. This is the reason that I have to stop this habit in 2013. I can’t be pulling for longer than a decade! One decade of this disgusting habit is enough. I will make this goal my number one priority this year…starting today! I plan to log my progress each day and hopefully can just count down the pull-free days. Looking forward to a time when I don’t have to worry about this anymore. I feel very positive and motivated!

stop pulling my hair (read all 162 entries…)
A month and a half later...

So this past month and a half I haven’t been tracking my progress. It actually hasn’t been a bad time for me habit-wise, I just haven’t consistently done a good job and so have decided not to count the days. I would say I have had about 3 bad days where I have done a lot of damage to my hair. Other than that, a hair here or there. Not good, but not too bad either. I am ready now to set another goal and work towards it again. I would like to focus on 30 day increments leading up to a year pull-free. It will be extremely hard for me, but I think I can do it. I know that I can do these next 30 days and then we will see about the next and the next….

So…I haven’t pulled yet today and I am going to do everything possible to not pull the rest of the day or the evening. I will log in tomorrow and hopefully write an entry about Day 1 pull free!!

I will treat myself to something nice at each 30 day end…like a manicure or a new piece of clothing or an album on iTunes. I am totally ready to try this all again!!

stop pulling my hair (read all 162 entries…)

I pulled today. It wasn’t that bad, but I have to be honest. I caught myself and stopped, but the damage was done. I thought maybe I would start over today, but I think I would rather just skip today and resume with my count tomorrow. Why unnecessarily punish myself? I am doing such a great job. So….today does not count toward my initial 60 day goal. We will see how I do tomorrow.

stop pulling my hair (read all 162 entries…)
Day 31

Yesterday was day 31. Doing great!

stop pulling my hair (read all 162 entries…)
Day 30

Yesterday was day 30. That’s just about a month. I have been playing with my hair a lot these past few days and pulling out loose hairs. Not exactly pulling, but I have to watch it and not do that. I am proud of myself. My hair is looking so much better!

stop pulling my hair (read all 162 entries…)
Day 27

Yesterday was day 27…it has been almost a month and it shows! I am really proud of myself and my progress.

stop pulling my hair (read all 162 entries…)
Day 25

Yesterday was day 25. I have been playing with my hair a lot lately, which has resulted in loose hairs coming out. I need to make sure it doesn’t become a habit. I am not counting those hairs because I didn’t actually pull them, but I know I am on the edge of a cliff and I need to pay attention or I could slip back into old patterns. So…still doing well, but I am going to work on being even better.

stop pulling my hair (read all 162 entries…)
Day 23

Yesterday was day 23. Still going strong!!

stop pulling my hair (read all 162 entries…)
Day 21

Yesterday was day 21…that’s three weeks without pulling my hair. I can’t get over how fast my hair grows back if I just give it the chance.

stop pulling my hair (read all 162 entries…)
Day 17

Definitely still on track and I plan to be for a long time. Glad to be at 17 days.

stop pulling my hair (read all 162 entries…)
Day 16

Still doing a great job. My hair is getting fuller and I have a real incentive not to pull now…why would I want to mess up all this great progress. I am trying to get enough rest and to be easy about things. That really helps me. Being tired and stressed are the top reasons I pull in the first place. I can’t believe it has been this long already. I know I can do it for good this time. I’m just happy to be focused on these first 60 days. Once I pull that off, I can get a nice well-deserved treat!

stop pulling my hair (read all 162 entries…)
15 days

Yesterday was 15 days. Still doing a good job and I intend to keep it up!

stop pulling my hair (read all 162 entries…)
Day 14

Yesterday was two weeks!! I know it is early, but I am already seeing a lot of progress. I know that if I keep this up another couple months, I will really see a big change. I hope I have the strength to continue. I want to be happy and healthy. I am very proud of myself for lasting this long. Anyone with this nasty habit knows how much willpower it takes to even go a few hours without pulling.

stop pulling my hair (read all 162 entries…)
Day 13

Yesterday was day 13 and now I am almost done with day 14. Still going strong and looking forward to a full head of hair in the near future.

stop pulling my hair (read all 162 entries…)
Day 12

Yesterday was day 12. Still holding strong. Almost two weeks!

stop pulling my hair (read all 162 entries…)
Day 11

Yesterday was another good day. I didn’t pull at all and I was stressed out. I am proud of myself and know I can do it this time.

stop pulling my hair (read all 162 entries…)
Day 10

Yesterday was day 10. I guess I am in the habit of posting every couple of days. I am doing a really good job. Really wanted to pull last night, but stopped myself. It just isn’t worth it after such good progress.

Halfway through day 11 so hopefully I can keep it up!

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