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Things are looking good

I’ve had several wardrobe successes in the past few months…

I’ve got all the extraneous junk out of the closet, so when I go in there to get dressed I can actually wear all of the items.

I’ve scored a couple really great finds from charity and second hand shops: an Alberta Ferreti backward wrap top, and a lambertson truex boxcar bag. I am thrilled about the latter!

I went to Nordstrom for a bra fitting. I actually went up a cup size! I picked up three new bras. Now my fitted garments look more sleek bra straps don’t fall down as much.

Getting the seamless undies was the way to go. Big improvement! (And I thought my backside looked like that becuase I needed to lose weight!)

I have resisted the pressure to buy those tunic tops that hit me at the widest part of my hip and make me look shapeless.

And finally…
People keep asking me if I’ve lost weight, but its really just that I’m wearing pants that fit.

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Holding Pattern

When I first wrote about this goal in February, I promised to be a size 6 by May 1 or ditch the old size 6s in the closet. By April 1 I had lost 8 pounds regularly wearing two different pairs of size 6 pants. Then my dad got sick and things got stressful and…

Miraculously, here it is August and I only gained a couple pounds back and I’m still able to wear the two pairs of size 6 pants on “skinny days”.

So in the end, I did get rid of most of my size 6 items (all but a couple swank pieces for memory lane) as well as several size 10 items. So in a sense, I’ve met the goal.

But I still feel like I could be a little more trim (my backside is particularly discouraging in a bathing suit), so I’m going to stay on it and get back on the eating plan. I’ll also incorporate doing more yoga to deal with the stress.

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The Road

This book was so bleak that it was actually hard to take. At least its a fast read—it took me a day!

The writing is spare and stark. The story is filled with both desperation and tenderness. It is an incredibly moving book.

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