is thinkin to move to bali and quit the college thingies LOL

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  1. 1. speak English fluenty
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  2. 2. be independent without any push from anyone correcting what ive done!
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  3. 3. lose weight
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  4. 4. stop procrastinating
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  5. 5. Donate blood
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i was brain washing to find a way to start a new life so stupidly i search start a new life on the google search engine this web came up at the second line on the result. i clicked it check it out a bit and for sure i def joined it. after i joined this site I BELIVE THAT EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. amen :)

be independent without any push from anyone correcting what ive done!

im 19, i go to college out of town, my scores are bad, i admit that sometimes i spend too much but that doesnt mean that my daddy could correcting and commenting on everything ive done i know im not smart and i do know that all he wants me to be is just like my sister who almost finish her degree within 3 and half years. to be success on my study but could you gimme a break? you are pushing me. youre pushing and now it made me feel like you dont see me as you daughter anymore! youre pushing me away from you! the last fought we had made it all clear (he told me to stop hangout with my best best best friend for 5 years so i can focus on my study. isnt that crazy?). i want to disappear from this whole messed up condition. im trying to arrange my new life where the only thing i should listen to is my heart and my mind. i still have my parents paid my bills, they loves me and im grateful for that. and i think i want to stop my college study but idk yet that will be a real big step in my life idk if im ready yet. dang this is not a blog. sorry everyone! some advices will help me lots! sorry for the bad english wrong grammar etc.. peace.

speak English fluenty
international relation made me do this

just like the title said.
im an IR student, which is good! if i can speak english fluently. too bad i didnt doin great in this thing especially with the grammar. i also dont have a partner to practice my english skill i tried omagle many times but people just like disconnect me right away everytime i said something wrong in english (instead of asking what i meant!). or everytime said im from indonesia. shit huh


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