little lies

get out of Newcastle.
Aim high, fall further.

Too big to be quirky and cosy, too small to be exciting and adventurous. I’m dreaming of big city lights.

visit istanbul

Absolutely amazing place, 5 days was nowhere near enough. Memories for life.

fall madly in love (read all 3 entries…)
This time for real.

Took me with it. Gone and left alone, with nothing but the colourless memories.

travel to dubai

Wonderful place with a gorgeous atmosphere.

fall madly in love (read all 3 entries…)
Not always a good thing as it happens.

It hurt.

reread every Jane Austen Novel
" . . . I could easily forgive HIS pride, if he had not mortified MINE."

I miss reading the classics so I’ll start off with Jane :D

stop talking so much
Waffle waffle waffle

I talk way too much. I need to remember to filter what I say before I just blurt it out, and suffer the consequences afterwards :S

drink more water
Water, water, water

I really ought to drink more. The thought of dehydration scares me… and it looks like I’m heading that way(!)

Erm…... does Robinson’s fruit juice mixed with water class as water intake?

identify 100 things that make me happy.
To start me off

It’s weird to think about what actually makes me happy.I’m hardly a selfless person, but I guess even normal people don’t think about what makes them happy. I think I should though it may make it easier to recognise when I am happy.

1) Most likely my family. Sure they are pretty annoying. However, they do have their moments. And it makes me happy that I have a large and friendly family. They are there when I need them.

stop drinking fizzy drinks
Must give them up!

I am hooked on Diet coke and schweppes lemonade.

watch every episode of farscape
Almost there!

I’ve watched nearly all of them, but I have like 5 left that I just can’t seem to find or get around to watch. I must do this!

Stop being so clumsy
Falling all over the place

I trip over everything and seriously am a danger around people! I sometimes can’t even walk straight.

feel content with myself
In the future...

That’d be nice.

travel to every continent
wandering mind

I just really want to see so much more. Every continent is just a start, I just want to experience other cultures and see beautiful places. It’s all I’ve ever wanted really.

visit New Zealand

It just looks so beautiful. And I like Lord of the Rings. PERFECT.

meet different people
Same old same old

Sometimes the world feels like it’s just repeating itself, with the same types of people, same types of places, same feelings and memories… Everyone is the same. I want to meet someone I’ve never met before in any form.

fall madly in love (read all 3 entries…)
The old L-O-V-E

This is pretty normal :)

write an erotic novel
Oh yes.....dear, erotic novels and all

HEY? What can I say…. I think I’d be rather good at it! That’s my reason and I’m sticking to it.



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