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is starting on setting goals and working on short term objectives

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  1. 1. Eat Healthy & Exercise
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  2. 2. Learn Rails
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  3. 3. Learn Ruby
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  4. 4. Wake up early
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Learn Ruby
SMART Objective List
  • Complete Beginning Ruby by Peter Cooper
  • Work on Project Euler Problems for practice
  • Participate on Ruby Programming Challenge over at
  • Be able to build basic scripts by end of March

learn rails
SMART Objective List
  • Finish the available chapters of Rails Tutorial Book
  • Start working on Mylenski’s CRMesque app for practice
  • Look into AuthLogic and implement that for IssueTracker app
  • Read the conceptual part of Agile Web Development with Rails
  • Be able to build simple webapps without having to look/read through too much stuff by end of March.

eat healthy & exercise
SMART Objective List
  • Develop a habit of tracking daily food intake
  • Be able to run 6 miles straight by end of March
  • Improve swimming speed
  • Improve running speed at current rate of .2 mi/hr per week


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