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grow my hair long (read all 2 entries…)
Major discovery!

I’ve been wanting to grow out my hair since Halloween 2010 and now it’s mid-December and my hair has grown out approximatly two inches!!!! I’ve been taking Biotin for several weeks now, at least a pill or two a day. Also, my aunt told me of crushing an onion and applying it to my hair, waiting at least 20 minuntes, then washing it out. It really works!!! I don’t know if it runs in my family for onions to work or if it’s the scent but it works!!!!!

learn to program

I’m sort of familiar with pyrhon, i got a good book called hello, world! I’m trying to learn visual c#

grow my hair long (read all 2 entries…)

For my whole life, I haven’t had hair longer than a little past my shoulder. I’m eleven now, and hope it will grow farther than my waist. I calculated that when I’m 13 and half, it will be at my bellybutton. Do eighth-graders wear two braids, or is that for little kids? I have been going on and off on this goal, and hope that this will help me stay on this goal. I’m the antonym of a girly girl, and am still wondering if this will ruin my reputation.


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