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run a 5k
Just do it!

Listen, I’m the least likely to run any sort of distance, and I didn’t know if I could do this on my own. I tried to get others to walk with me and either they couldn’t, wouldn’t or shouldn’t. I made it up in my mind to complete this goal this year since I wanted to do it last year with hubby but he didn’t want to. He was very surprised that I was entering this local race and very surprised that I did it. I found out that I like jogging and walking. Once you get in your zone, thats it! I didnt tell a lot people that I was doing this until I finished it. I am proud of myself. In did this while I was in nursing school on spring break and trained lightly. I never walked or ran 3.2 mi in a race format. I finished in 48 min. Thats a great time for me because we had a really steep hill to endure for about 1/4 mi. That took it out of me. I will definitely do this again!!!!!

i want to finish school and become a nurse

I have been accepted into Nursing school in the fall. i will be taking evening and weekend classes . I am super excited!!!

become an expert in something (read all 2 entries…)
It's going

It feel like Im going to be an expert at college for a while to reach my goal. Im not discouraged though. Expertise pays off!

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