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  1. 1. Learn Japanese
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  2. 2. stop procrastinating
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  3. 3. get in shape
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  4. 4. get my scouting degree
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  5. 5. Visit Japan
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  6. 6. watch more anime
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  7. 7. memorise a dictionary page a day
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  8. 8. be more social
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be more social
please, help, any advice for me ? :(

I’m going on a camp. I’ll have to spend 3 weeks with a bunch of self-confident, talkative people, 24 hours a day together. I’m not so talkative, i cannot joke…

i’m just a shy girl! i can’t imagine dealing with the situation for such a long period of time. i just don’t know how to get on well with people, i guess noone really likes me there.
and it’s too late to cancel that camp…

please, any advice, people? help me because i’m really in trouble;(
i know it may sound simply stupid, but i just wanna cry loud and stay at home:/

watch more anime
list of anime to watch

- Ergo Proxy
- Excel Saga
- Black Lagoon
- Perfect Blue
- Fruits Basket (downloaded)
- Boogiepop Phantom (downloaded)
- Mushishi (downloaded)
- Hellsing
- Genshiken
- Noir
- Vision of Escaflowne
- Ruroni Kenshin
- Princess Mononoke

Visit Japan

Japan is such an amazing country, but so expensive either :( I know that if I wanna go there, I have to pay for it on my own. So, today I will make some nice money-box and… start saving :)
Simultaneously I learn Japanese, read much about Japanese culture, hoping to be an expert when I’ll finally manage to go.

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