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  1. 1. stop lying
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  2. 2. gain 20 pounds
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  3. 3. be more creative
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gain 20 pounds (read all 2 entries…)
one month later

Well, I got sick, and started working full time as an intern at a design studio. So my ability to eat and work out as much as I had hoped has dwindled, and so has my weight. I have slipped from 178 to 170 in a month. I’m trying to put it all back on, pushing myself to 172 this week. I can’t to organize myself better, to make time for workouts and more frequent eating habits.

stop lying (read all 2 entries…)
a month in.....

well, after deciding to rid myself of lying to those around me. I am happy to say I am making some progress. I’m owning up to things if I screw up, I’m not embelishing facts to others. Well, for the most part. It still happens every now and then, but when I do, I try to correct myself not just internally, but to the person I said it to. I have met someone great, and I don’t want to be lying or deceitful to her. She doesn’t deserve it, she is too amazing.

be more creative
a graphic designer who is struggling with creativity

Yes, you read it right. I work as a graphic designer. I was never trained in any way with art or photography. I basically developed the basics myself, then went to college for design. My teachers expected me to have an advanced grasp of art and design, which I obviously did not. I just have troubles getting my creative brain moving. I always eventually get there, but in this industry, time is money, and I need to work faster with my ideas development.

I’m looking into taking some art and photography classes in the new year, and once I settle into my new job, start making time to draw, and develop at least ONE new idea a day.

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