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  1. 1. marry jennifer
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  2. 2. start writing a book
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  3. 3. quit smoking
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  4. 4. Lose 15 pounds
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marry Jennifer
I find it hard to believe that I'm the only one!

Well, 43 things is still kinda new. I can’t help it, I love her. But to marry her, I’ll have to get all my other things in line. She’s a perfectionist, who wants to be with a disciplined, self motivated man.

There’s the challenge. I’ve let things slip… and need to pull my life together to make it work.

lose 15 pounds
25 pounds ago I wanted to lose 20 pounds

Now I’m like, “Still need to lose weight.” Here’s an image of criminal brains for no reason…. Oh yeah! I still have a fattitude. I am normal on the outside, fat on the inside. DYSMORPHIA! You’re invited.

Quit Smoking
smoking is like sucking poison into your lungs

Oh yeah! That is what it is, literally. I now have been a nonsmoker for a week and 3 days. Not the first time I’ve gotten this far, but it feels pretty good.


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