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  1. 1. learn german
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  2. 2. Learn to play the piano
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  3. 3. lucid dream
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  4. 4. be a good father
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  5. 5. Get more people to read my Blog
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  6. 6. use 43things to enhance my life
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  7. 7. Visit Prague
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  8. 8. write a novel
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  9. 9. learn blender
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  10. 10. bungee jump
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get an ipod (read all 2 entries…)
Rockbox: a great replacement for the iPod's firmware

Even tough the iPod is a nice piece of HW, its FW isn’t as powerful or as flexible as I believe it should be.

A simple example: it just doesn’t play OggVorbis files. I wrote to Apple’s support site asking when they were going to update the firmware to allow such an elemental task. More than one year has passed by, and an answer I haven’t received from them.

A couple of days ago I installed rockbox in my iPod mini, and new life entered my little blue music box. I recommend every iPod owner to explore rockbox:

dominate gentoo linux

The most flexible, professional, dependable Linux distribution I’ve put my dirty hands on.

get an ipod (read all 2 entries…)
Great machine, but...

I recently received an iPod mini (blue) as a gift from a friend. Great machine, indeed. Only problem I can see is that it doesn’t play Ogg Vorbis files (at least not without previously installing linux on it).

I really don’t understand the reason why apple just won’t add support for that format, being as it is technically superior to mp3. I wrote to them, and got no reply. Of course, what was I expecting? :)

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