maintain healthy weight
maintain once i get there

lost 8.8
lower fat ratio while toning and maintaining muscle mass

Find free things to do for fun
go to the beach

watch the sailboarders
watch regattas
and dare to crew the catamaran again
without a wetsuit

write a book
a series of books


read 10 books at once and finish them all
this will be difficult...free books from kindle (mostly)

1. Applied Therapeutics
2. Frumpy To Fabulous
3. Excuses Begone!
4. Scott Kelby’s 7-Point System for Adobe Photoshop
5. the Artist’s Way
6. The Bill of Rights
7. 50 Ways to a Better You for Dummies
8. Escaping The Matrix: 8 Steps Beyond Stress
9. Presenting To Win: The Art of Telling Your Story
10. Money Savings Blueprint: Slash Hundreds From Your Bills Every Month
11. Common Sense
(i really am not reading #1 cover to cover since its copyright is 2005)

See the USA
rent RV

drive to the rockies and then to the coast and collect rocks

buy condo
or rent for a while

find place to live

become fit and healthy
vitamins, vitamins, vitamins

exercise, exercise, exercise
water, water, water
garbage in garbage out

exercise (and make it fun)
increase daily workout to 20 minutes

up to 13 minutes

Have fun
finds free things to do that are fun

and do them

be frugal

*33% saved 3-12 to 3-18 without buying stuff i dont use
*37% saved 3-28 with sales and coupons….

sell house

packing and packing and packing



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