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How to read "Brave New World"
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3 weeks
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re-read 1984

How to henna my hair
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1 day
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not 100% satisfied

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write in my diary everyday
March 19, 2012 - March 19, 2013

I started writing diary in March 2012 and now my first diary is almost full after writing for 13 months.

I love to read what happened one year ago and how I felt in certain situations.
Soon I’m going to start my second diary annd plan to go on writing.
So hopefully I’m writing a second entry regarding this goal in March 2014 after I finished the second year. :)

be more spontaneous (read all 2 entries…)

Reading my entry from over one year ago I feel like I developed so much. It’s incredible.

I worked hard on my behavior with the goal to live life to the fullest, stop overthinking but rather doing things! To me this goal goes hand in hand with my other goal “regret nothing” because sometimes being spontaneous isn’t only good.

The last year I changed a lot and my personality has grown a lot. Now I’m a lot more spontaneous than I was before. I don’t hold myself back when somebody asks me to go out in half an hour.
Because of this new attitude for me I experienced a lot of wonderful days with people I rarely met before!

Nevertheless I don’t feel like I finished this goal. I’m changing so much right now, graduation is coming closer and closer and I feel ready to go out into the big great world and get out of my comfort zone! I love my life!

Do the 30 Day Long Distance Relationship Challenge (read all 30 entries…)
Day 30

Day 30: Where do you see your future going with him/her?

I see a bright future. The first step is that we’ll live together for one month in May and then see if everything goes well. Then I plan to work at his place for threee months (July until September) before we fly to India and travel the east coast together. After that we’ll stay at my hometown and I’ll do an internship before I apply at universities in Germany. I’m so excited for the future and hope everything will continue to be so amazing as it is right now. Or even better!

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