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Clean out my closet.
Thank you Iyvanla Vanzant

Read the book In the Meantime by Vanzant (last name)

It will not only help you clean out your closet but the whole house with excitement and vigor.,!!!!!!

fall in love again
letting go

I sat in front of my computer and stared at the screen. I was thinking about relationships, my past ones, my non existent ones… and then it occurred to me to change my mind.

I was focused on being loved in the future, instead I switched it to how I was loved in the past. I began to cry as i realized in different ways, some small some huge I was loved. Then I asked a truly difficult question….

"Have I truly loved someone without expectation, dictation, or controlling ways? Have i given to another with the thought that everything I am, have and are I can give to them so that they can experience more?"

Then the tears flowed like a river and in that moment I knew I was ready to die because I had lived. two months later I fell in love. :)

paint on a 6 foot Canvas.
I haven't done this yet, and it keeps coming up... interesting.

What is cool thought is I have done several other things on my Bucket List… I forgot all about this site so glad I found it again.


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