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grow wings (read all 12 entries…)

Ugh. So my back has been HURTING SO MUC LATELY. Maybe because of the new techniques I’ve been working on; maybe because my will to do this has skyrocketed. Also, my wingbumps get larger every day~ so, pretty nice progress, if I would say so myself. I have some questions though (lol if anyone bothers to even stay active on this thing anymore ((with wing related stuff)))

1. Usually, it seems like people crave more food; I do the opposite, I barely have an appitite. Is this bad?

2. Just to make sure, where SHOULD the wing bones be located? (mine are located right next to each shoulder blade, just two big lumps on either side that slanted outward)

3. I also get lower back pains as well, I that normal?

4. I have been getting more and more aware of my surrounding s and more observant. That normal?

One more thing. 5. My wings FEEL like they are they on my back and I can always stretch them out and feel the sun on them; that good or bad?

Lol you people are so funny,

Believe and it WILL happen.

grow wings (read all 12 entries…)

Well, ive found that it creates more progress for me if i meditate, spells do work, but not as much….. or maybe i just don’t notice it XP Lots of pain (just one of the measly things to give up for wings), my bumps are getting bigger, and ive been having a headache all day….. Hmm. And sometimes i get this weird tingly feeling that is both cold and warm, it’s kind of weird.

So, all in all, wing process is good~ How is everyone else going? Got new spells? Any new methods?

grow wings (read all 12 entries…)
Holy moly.

Havent been on here in so long. Like, two to three months….. Wing process is fair, not that much, still trying new spells plus making my own… Many things seem to have changed….. Even Sheila gave up… But I will get my wings! Whether humanity likes it or not.

Hope to all,

Hikari and Kari Yuuki

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