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  1. 1. im just want a show
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Make a cartoon show and get it on Nickelodeon.
school starts in may

when gelian was 5 years old with her family in canada she saw a magical wishing well she wish school starts in may after 6 years she’s back in america and her wish comed true she tells to her friends and classmates “that weird school only starts in june dont you think mayrian ,jenny,joan,marcus” when its night all of them say bye see ya tommorow yawwwwn said geliana great sleep im going to school bye mom mom said bye sweetie so she was going mayrian past she said a new boy is coming to school gelian he’s name is jonat gelian said he’s are new classmate. there in school mrs.reyes bougth jonat she said class this is jonat your new classmate after 9 years in college graduation. ah school is done dont you think gelian said mayrian so they are 20 years old im having a vacation to canada said gelian mom said ok sweetie so it live happilly ever after


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