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stop biting my nails

I try, I really do. The only thing that sorta helps me stop biting my nails is when I put a nail growth nail polish daily. But if I forget to put on the nail polish for 3 days or so, I go back to biting my nails and its aggravating me because I have pretty hands and my nails mess it up since they look short and I cant paint them to match my outfits. :(

Improve my posture

My posture isn’t so good. I went through surgery because I had a tumor in my back and now my muscle is torn so it hurts when I try to stand straight, but I want to improve my posture!

drink more water

My mom is always trying to get me to drink water, and I know this might sound kind of idiotic, but I don’t like the taste… I know, I know, it has no taste. But I just don’t like it, and since I don’t drink water, I get dehydrated easily when I exercise and I’ve been getting kidney pains. So I’m determined to drink more water before I end up destroying my body.

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