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  1. 1. meet the Jonas Brothers
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  2. 2. be a dancer
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  3. 3. be a billionair
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  4. 4. dance with the Jonas Brothers.
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dance with the Jonas Brothers.
I want to dance with the Jonas Brothers.

The Jonas Brothers and I are great dancers. It’s a gift. I want to be on their show and dance. I’ve been a dancer and a fan of the Jonas Brothers my whole life. I wish my dreams could come true. I have a great life now but it would be better if I could meet them. If you know who they are please tell them I want to meet them.

meet the Jonas Brothers
I really want to meet the Jonas Brothers

I’m Vanessa and i’m 9 years old. I am a really good dancer. I’m so good that I had a crowd at the school dance in 2nd grade. I heard about your little brother and I would like to be his BFF. It would be nice if I could meet you one day and if you could give me tickets to one of your concerts. I have always been a Jonas Brothers fan. I saw your faces advertised on some hamburger buns, and wish I had the secret number so I could eat lunch with you.


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