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  1. 1. stop biting my nails
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  2. 2. learn how to play volleyball
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  3. 3. become a good volleyball player.
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  4. 4. Read more books
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  5. 5. speak Italian like a native speaker
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buy a Nikon

Memories are very important but sadly we can remember only some of them. We forget other memories after a period of time. For this reason, taking photos is a great way to save our memories. I really love photographing. I used to use ‘fujifilm finepix s1500’. That camera is not bad but I can’t say that it is awesome. Last month my parents bought a nikon 3100 for me.I was really shocked. For me it was a big big big present and this present made me happiest person in the world. BUT don’t forget this. You may have a old model camera. It’s not important. Maybe the quality of photos won’t be good but if you love or like photographing, don’t worry about quality ect. Every photo taken by you will remind you your memories. Every photo taken by you will be a reason to smile. :)


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