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  1. 1. do handstand pushups
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  2. 2. have better posture
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do handstand pushups
..Just gotta give it a whirl

I’ve intermitttently been attending classes in acrobalance and static trapeze. I remember feeling very embarassed in the acrobalance class when I was sidelined due to my inability to balance whilst upside down. (I believe the move was a candlestick). After going to a gymnastics class (again a little out of my depth ahem) I was told that the handstand and cartwheel are essential to master in order to have a decent Repertoire of fun gymnastic type moves. As I’m beginning to get bored with the gym and seem to have plateaued in building strength for these disciplines…

Enter the Handstand pushup!

I’m 33 so I imagine that makes me a little on the more mature side of those attempting (succeeding?) this feat. How long it’ll take I dunno, but I’m gonna give it a serious shot and as I’ve given up smoking (nigh on 3 months) I reckon anything’s possible.


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