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  1. 1. Learn Ruby
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be less anxious

What makes anxious is my friends. I want them to respect me more and think that I’m one of his/her best friend. I want to talk with him/her with no people near us. I mean just two of us. That makes me feel better. Because I’m asking wrong things to them and don’t know what are they thinking about that. I just don’t know how to talk with them like that. Maybe via IM? Oh, yes that’s right!

Learn Ruby
Should I buy a book?

I want to learn Ruby to create such an optical disc authoring software like K3b! I’m just learning Ruby by online books/tutorials like Why’s (poignant) Guide to Ruby, Learn to Program, Pickaxe, etc. Should I buy a book? If yes which book? Ruby for Rails? Learn to Program?

make money

I need money! I want to have my own money to buy stuffs! But I’m only 14 years old boy!


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