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donate $10 to a charity every month (read all 2 entries…)
February & March

Seacoast Family Food Pantry- I’ve been low on cash lately so I thought I was going to have to abandon this goal, but I just signed up for a 5k that donates $20 to the Food Pantry. So that takes care of this month and last month. 5ks may be the key to this goal.

go to grad school (read all 2 entries…)
Accepted, Registered and Financed

I just need to return a few forms, buy some books and go to class.

Make it through a full round of my chore chart
Experiment Successful

It took about a month and a half to do everything on the list but it’s been helpful. I’ve organized several things that are already a mess again, but that was expected because that’s who I am. I took inventory of what I have and what I can get rid of and what spaces are open for storage. And now I’m going to go through it all again and this time it should be quicker and easier because it’s already been done.

Did more things get cleaned/organized more often? Yes. Was it very stressful for me? No. I call it a success.

Switch to reusable shopping bags for groceries (read all 2 entries…)
I put one in my car!

... so that’s a start.

Make my makeup

All the recipes I found for blush/bronzer/eyeshadow etc. had arrowroot flour or cornstarch as a base, which I wasn’t too excited about putting on my face, so I didn’t rush out to get any. But! In a comment for one of the recipes they suggested colloidal oatmeal as a base and I think that makes much more sense. So as soon as I can grab some I’ll be on my way.

Finish building my 3-D Printer

I just finished buying the remainder of my parts, I think. It hurt my wallet, but by mid-February or March at the latest, I should have a somewhat functioning 3-D printer!

finish duolingo spanish in one month
37 lessons left

That’s a lot. But over 5 weeks, it’s possible at 7ish units a week.

donate $10 to a charity every month (read all 2 entries…)

Environmental Working Group- I love them for their work with pesticides, gmos and skin care products. Also, if you donated $10, they gave you a dirty dozen/clean fifteen bag tag, which dovetails nicely with my goals of buying the dirty dozen organic and reusing grocery bags. Perfect!

Implement Serious Cooking Sunday (read all 2 entries…)
I found some time!

Even though I had friends visiting today, I got a lot done on my SCS, which is good because I’ve skipped several weeks. Not only did I do some prep work by soaking some red beans to throw in the crock-pot tomorrow, but I did some diy natural stuff too; pretty good combo. First, I made some hard lotion bars, which was surprisingly easy! I already started using one and it’s great. Then I made another batch of toothpaste because I ran out earlier this week. And I finished up by reworking my facial oil to include some of the new vitamin e oil. Whoo hoo! I was also going to make disposable cleaning wipes (to wean roommates off of clorox wipes), but we still a have a bunch left and I think I could find a better container. So I’ll save that until next week, that and crock pot lasagna!(and maybe so kidney bean prep if I’m feeling excitable).

look at my bank account every day

If the point of this is to guilt myself, then it’s working beautifully. But so far the guilt has no slowed down my spending. Though, I did treat my boyfriend to a birthday weekend, so maybe now I’ll be able to reel myself in.

Learn Spanish (read all 2 entries…)
Going to Costa Rica in a month and a half

Sooo, I really have to speed up on this.

Switch to reusable shopping bags for groceries (read all 2 entries…)

Today I organized under my kitchen sink, where the plastic bags go, and I was shocked. At first, I thought maybe they looked like a lot because they were just thrown in there. Nope, there’s a ton. I do use them for the bathroom trash and the occasional dog bag, but this is ridiculous. I know I have some reusable bags somewhere. Finding them will be one thing, putting them somewhere useful will be quite another…

Use only non-toxic cleaners
Branch Basics!

This is my new favorite thing! It’s a soap concentrate and as far as I can tell it will clean anything, has nothing toxic (just ingrediants, no health warning label) and it’s biodegradable. Who could ask for more? As soon as I finish all my other cleaners, I’m only using this.

I ran three days this week

And two days in a row… and I didn’t even throw up!

Make a chore rotation chart for myself
Made it

But I’m not going to let myself check this off until I actually get started on it because I’m procrastinating. After I do 3 things on it, on more than 1 day, then I’ll count this complete.

do yoga regularly
Easy does it

For now, I’m going to define “regularly” as twice a week.

Organize myself and my time
I got 99 problems....

and most of them stem from ADHD. I haven’t been officially diagnosed but I’ve been doing some research and man, would it make a lot of sense. I am the opposite of neat and on time. I constantly lose and forget things mid-running late always. ADHD or not, I gotta figure this out. Though being scatter-brained has some quirky, creative benefits, it’s also causing some serious problems and there needs to be a balance.

-And I have no idea how to do it.

I guess the first step is cut down on some of things I have to do (aka optional work projects and volunteer work) because that just makes it worse, or at least more noticable. Give myself some wiggle room, knowing that I’m going to get distracted along the way.
2. Factor in free time to unwind.
3. Exercise more- I read it can cut down on that antsy feeling.
4. Systematize mundane things, like cleaning.
5. Deal with messes as they happen.
6. Stack functions (like Serious Cooking Sunday)
7. Make an organizational rotation of relatively large projects, like closets, drawers, cabinets etc. do one a week and they’ll stay relatively in order. Is that how stuff works?
8. Don’t forget stuff… I’m not going to worry about that right away.

Spend less time in front of screens (read all 3 entries…)

Getting a record player has helped me turn off the tv more. Way better background noise.

live more naturally
A little vague

I have a whole separate series of goals dealing with eating more naturally, so here I will focus mini goals on my life outside of food.

1. Switch over to all non-toxic etc. cleaning products. I’ve already been working on this and I’m partially there, getting the roommates along for the ride will be interesting.
2. Complete the body product switch as well. Also partly done, mostly finishing up remaining products and entering diy makeup land.
3. Humans naturally move around. I need to do that more. I don’t think 10 minutes of yoga every two weeks counts. I’m going to try to do yoga more consistently because I like it, it’s just a matter of timing. At my boyfriend’s suggestion, I’m going to try running again for the umpteenth time and I’m really going to try to like it. Sigh
4. I suppose this goal also encompasses living more naturally on the planet. I think a lot of that is going to go hand in hand with other goals, but I’ll have to consider whether it’s a separate goal right now. I’m for it, but I have to get myself together first; I can’t do everything at once.

go to grad school (read all 2 entries…)
Before the end of January...

Step One: Apply
Step Two: Financial Aid

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