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  1. 1. quit smoking pot
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  2. 2. finish my dissertation
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  3. 3. meditate every day
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  4. 4. stop watching television
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  5. 5. Learn to cook
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  6. 6. become a vegetarian
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  7. 7. Lose 20 pounds
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  8. 8. floss my teeth every day
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meditate every day
Try softly.

Someone once gave me this advice regarding my halting practice. It really resonates with me. The whole point of meditation is to be fully present in the simple act of doing it. It requires nothing more other than it be done. If only for one second, it is infinitely more than nothing. There is something completely liberating about that idea. Now if only I can put my money where my mouth is. I need to quit smoking pot too. I absolutely cannot meditate when I’m high or coming down. So, with that, too, I’ll try softly.

Lose 20 pounds
There's no reason not to.

All of these goals go hand in hand. Getting home from work, I usually smoke pot. Then I sit on the couch, watch tv, eat crap, avoid my studies, fail to meditate, and get no exercise. Instead, I could throw on a pair of sweatpants and take a walk. It seems so simple. I’ll try that tomorrow. Now that I’m out of pot it should be easier. I’ll have to refrain from buying more. I hope my roommate doesn’t have any. It’s hard to resist. I have no willpower at times it seems. Then again, if I’m an addict, it’s against my will, right? OK, step one, take a walk tomorrow evening right after I get home from work.


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