is busy learning what it means to be an urban homesteader!

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Have bariatric surgery.

I found out surgery and all the related doctors visits are covered by my insurance just paying the 2K out of pocket, so I’ve been talking with the people I know who have had it done and went to the seminar the bariatric institute hosts. Just waiting to schedule my initial appointment with them.

Read a book a month in 2014 (read all 2 entries…)

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle : A Year of Food Life

go fishing
Dreaming of warm days on the water (while it sleets outside :D)

I’ve been working on ways to provide more of my own food, and filling the freezer with fish is one of the ways I’m planning on doing it. I’ve always been catch and release but last fall I learned to fillet and brought my first fish home. Looking forward to lots of days on the lake this year.

Put a new roof on the house

I’ve had an automatic transfer set up for this one so I’m saving every month. I’m now 68% of the way there and expecting to have the work done July-ish. It’s crumbly and lost it’s first shingles now, so this has been my highest savings priority.

run a 5k
Growing Power Good Food Revolution 5K Walk/Run‏

I haven’t done a 5K before, but Growing Power announced they are doing one in May…so I signed up right away and fired up my Zombies Run 5K training app. I just finished workout 2 (day 3) and so far so good. I’m sure I won’t be able to run it, but just finishing my first one with some jogging will be an accomplishment for me.

Read a book a month in 2014 (read all 2 entries…)

Just finished Soul Detox: Clean Living in a Contaminated World

cross stitch (read all 3 entries…)
Only 3 sections left!

go geocaching
Got started

I fell into geocacheing late in fall and absolutely love the idea of getting out for more hikes and discovering new parks. I made 20 finds before the snow started falling and this goal is to keep it going in 2014.

not spend ANY money for one month (read all 2 entries…)

I made it until the 22nd this month. I ran out of rabbit feed early because the babies are so wasteful…I should have had at least another months worth if they weren’t dumping half of it into the dro pan. And when I ran out for feed I found camo was 50% off and hunting a goal for next year so I went for it.

I plan to get cheese and sour cream, which should be all I need to give it another try next month.

I’m really very happy with putting aside extra money this month…December is certainly not a saving month normally!

Go hunting

I picked up some camo this week when I found a 50% off sale. I’ll be able to borrow a rifle, and my friend offered me use of their hunting land when she heard I was a newbie. They got it for duck, geese, and deer. So things are coming right along. Ammo and a blaze jacket may well be all I really need at this point.

cross stitch (read all 3 entries…)
Two more sections down

find a godly husband
Ready to look

I’ve finally started looking for a partner. I am an introvert and “less experienced in life” than most others. I knew I would need more time than others to “find myself” so I didn’t rush into things like most of my friends did as youngsters. As I watch them all change and divorce, I’m glad I took the long route. I know who I am now and that I’m interested in a farming/homesteading lifestyle. The person I’m looking for now is a totally different man than I would have chosen then. You really can’t find the right one for you, until you find you first.

I’ve started praying for a husband and joined farmersonly this week as a possible option for finding someone like me. We’ll see!

not spend ANY money for one month (read all 2 entries…)

I am planning not to spend any unnecessary money next month. My only expenditures will be for bills and the mortgage.

This week I did the planning and got the couple things I would need to make it through. I got new winter boots because I outgrew my old ones, picked up feed and hay for the rabbits, and got a case of wet food for the cats. Since it’ll cover Christmas I also got gift cards for my co-workers.

Food is covered because I did lots of canning and dehydrating this summer. I keep stock of dry goods and have enough meat and fish in the freezer. I’ve always been in the habit of keeping extra household necessities and toiletries.

So…I’m all set to start on Sunday. I’ve done this before and found staying out of the stores made a world of difference in keeping on budget and helped me make use of what I have on hand. I’ve got lots of saving goals right now as I recover my finances after a tough year, so putting extra in savings will help me lots.

Install new flooring
Update Sunroom

When I moved into this house, all of the carpeting was in poor shape…and everything was carpeted…even the bathroom and kitchen. I took care of those two rooms first, because that’s just gross. Next in line is the sunroom.

I’ve been using it as a rabbitry (there’s a 3rd cage on top of these, so it houses this boy, his “wife”, and their 5 kids). And I can’t run a vacuum in there, as it would terrify the poor things. I have a mat immediately under the cages and sweep regularly, but…I need to find something that will be easy to clean, as the rabbits love to throw water and hay and generally mess up the joint.

learn to sew
First steps

I’ve gotten a start on this one already. I’ve picked up some fabric and patterns during sales, and got a super nice pair of scissors with a coupon. I’m learning on my old Singer 66 treadle. It was a craigslist find being sold for just $20, and all it needed was a good tuneup.

It didn’t come with any attachments but I managed to find some on ebay, including this rolled hemmer.

And it turned out GREAT. I’ve done this skirt and 2 tiered skirts now and hope to work on some more this winter.

learn to embroider
First attempt

My first attempt at hand embroidering wasn’t too bad. But I hope to get good enough this winter that I can make up some lavender sachets to fill come harvest time. Then I’ll have another goodie to post on etsy and give as gifts.

raise meat rabbits
Picked up rabbits this fall

I picked up a pair of juvenile broken New Zealand does along with a gorgeous juvvy Silver Fox/New Zealand buck. They’ll be old enough for litters starting in early spring. I’ve had Angoras for years now, so it was an easy addition…just a bit expensive to purchase extra cages. The hard part will be in summer.

Save up for a homestead
My dream home

I just made my first deposit into a savings account especially for my next home. I’ve been making do with what I have, but there’s only so much I can produce on my city lot. And I’m only allowed rabbits here. My dream is a bustling homestead with goats and chickens and a huge kitchen garden to grow my own food and can from. I like the idea of getting some land and plopping a small log home onto it (almost a tiny home). Someday!

cross stitch (read all 3 entries…)

I have a Proverbs 31 wall hanging started and my goal is to finish it this winter. I really love the pattern and it’ll be a good reminder of who I strive to be.

I pulled it out this weekend and got one more section finished.

save 6 months worth of expenses
Starting from scratch

I was laid off after the election and lost my life’s savings trying to stay afloat. My goal is to refill my account so I could make it through another hard time like that. I’ve got a 15 year mortgage so the payments are high even for my modest little place, so I worry about losing it if I’m not careful. I opened a special emergency savings account this month and created an automatic transfer to help me save.

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