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I’ve used weed to do this, but I also do it sober. And now I do it a lot. I just look at everything and really think about it, and really look at it, and it puts a smile on my face.

do something for the environment

I think about it everyday and it makes me feel like shit. How everyone wakes up and goes on withtheir life, only thinking about the materialism and themselves. I want to the human race to stop thinking that the world revolves around humans and that we are superior. We are not superior.

I can’t stand it when I’m driving and I look at all the land that has been used up for our selfish desires. And no one even realizes it. They think that planting one palm tree is contributing to the environment. They are doing good because a couple of palm trees were planted along the highway. But they don’t realize that a whole ecosystem filled with biodiversity has been obliterated, and that it would takes so many years and generations for it to be restored.

On a flight to Washington DC is when it shook me the most. Because in thousands of feet in the air, that is when you really see that miles of land has been covered with roads that hinder runoff from becoming ground water, and you have houses in the place of habitats. And then the government thinks… lets save these 2 acres of pineland forest… You’ve already fucked up. Yeah those 2 acres will be saved but what about the whole state of Florida? Thats fucking vanished you mother fuckers!!!

I just want to stop being a hypocrite and actually help to reach out… And I want to stop deleting those emails that are opportunities to help plant mangrove seeds because I am too afraid to go by myself. It hurts me so much that I literally want to cry when I think about it. And for some reason I’ ve been thinking about it everyday. And finally, I want to find SOMEONE, just one person, who knows exactly what I am talking about and has the sincerity and passion about this subject that I do.

Pierce the lower part of my navel

Not worth it when you do it at the flea market… Talk about unprofessionalism! I got sick of it getting infected.

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