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have my own land and be self-sufficient
Really want some land to live on, by the sea, preferably in Zanibar.

A small spice farm, with mangos trees. The land extending down to the beach. The farm must have its own coral reef and lagoon for me to look after. To spend time each day surveying my reef and inspecting the coral. Writing up my research each night on my laptop on the veranda drinking cold beer and then sitting round a fire on the beach making music with friends.

Am willing to transfer from Zanzibar to somewhere in the Carribean though because I want to be nearer to the guys. Must check the flying times.

So need to review the tools I have at my disposal to make this happend. Heavy Duty: Astral Meditation; Rebirthing; NLP; Reiki; EFT; Affirmations; Magic; Insight Meditation; Visualizations; that should do the trick. Gosh thats really scarey now cos I migjht make it all happen. Well I have always manifested and resolved in the past so this will be no different, just have to structure it a bit.

How Long will it all take? Maybe I could envisage this all for THREE MONTHS TIME!!! weeeee…...that is so exciting>>>> ok then lets do it. So maybe, some work with pen and paper tonight to get right affirmations and pictures to use for NLP work, and then some work with Astrology chart and Now chart to work out who to see in Astral Meditation tomorrow morning.


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