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  1. 1. be a journalist
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  2. 2. Let go of the past
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  3. 3. be an actress
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  4. 4. take my second degree in marketing
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  5. 5. take my first degree in cross-cultural communication
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  6. 6. Move to NYC
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  7. 7. usa coast-to-coast summer trip
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  8. 8. marry jared leto
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  9. 9. be a rockstar
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  10. 10. create my own "family"
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usa coast-to-coast summer trip

well, it would be like visiting every part of it. from virginia to california and back to the atlantic coast: what’s better? i could finally be in nyc and then again in la… i could visit many many cities at once and that would be AWESOME!

be a journalist
my life dream.

it’s from many many years i decided i WANT to write, because when i write everything seems much more easier… it’s like i could change my little world writing what i see, what i feel and what i do. and i think being a journalist could only make things better and easier. you spread the word and everyone follows you. i know it’s not like this actually, but… it’s a dream, isn’t it?


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