chase a tornado

Because I used to dream about them all the time.

Attend the Academy Awards ceremony

Just to see the show

pose for spencer tunick

2005, Bruges.
Very very very cold but great experience !

start a blog

but I’m not sure if anyone would care reading it…

learn Portugese

such a beautiful language ! like music.

do a split

just this once…. I was 19 and warming up for a sports event, like a gym display but nothing fancy. While warming up all of a sudden I sat down in a split !
Never been able to do it again since.

Learn Violin

I love the instrument. I was kind of hoping my daughter would do it, but she choose the clarinet. I can’t afford the lessons yet, but perhaps later I will.

write a book

Although I don’t think I ever will, still from time to time the thought of my own book appeals to me.

sleep under the stars
spare bed

A few summers ago, I built a spare bed in the garden and slept in it, along with my 2 kids, untill dawn. We had a little camp fire going and each time I opened my eyes, I saw a falling star ! (It was August)
The blankets on top were all wet and soggy with dew, but when the sun came up, it dried immediately.

get an awesome job
night nurse

I work as a night nurse in a psychiatric hospital… Love the work, the patients, awesome collegues and nice wages !

win the lottery
one of these days

money doesn’t make you happy, but it makes things a bit easier…



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