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Visit Easter Island
Fantastic place!

It was one of my best trips ever. The Moai statues are incredible, but the island itself is also fantastic. It was a grate experience!

visit the new seven wonders of the world
I want do visit the New 7 Wonders and the Great Pyramids of Giza

Christ the Redeemer, Brazil (Done)
Taj Mahal, India (Done)
Machu Picchu, Peru (Next Week)

switch to gmail
GMail is much better now!

I try it before but end up going back to Y! Mail. A couple of weeks ago I gave GMail another chance and I am really liking it. Things like the RSS Web Clip and the spelling dictionary available in a lot of languages are very cool features.

Buy an iPod. (read all 2 entries…)
Have already got 2!

I started with the Shuffle and now I have a 2GB nano! “Impossibly small”… Impossibly cool ;-)

Buy an iPod. (read all 2 entries…)
mini or shuffle?

I am not sure if I buy a shuffle or a mini. The shuffle looks cool because of the size/weight and also because it works as a pendrive. But the min can carry more information (like my contacts) and has very nice accessories, like the iTrip.

Get a gmail account
Need an invitation?

I got my GMail account a long lime ago, but now I am willing to use it a little more ;-) If anyone needs an invitation, just ask…

get a yahoo 360 account
360 is cool!

I am a long time Yahoo user and therefore using 360 is being a very nice experience. I wish I blog more, but I’m working on this. If anyone needs an invitation for 360, just ask ;-)

Make Firefox my default browser
Nice free multi-platform browser!

It is very nice to use a good multi-platform browser. There are still lots of plug-ins missing, but there others already there that were only IE till some tome ago. Like Google and Yahoo toolbars, for example ;-)



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