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carry and use a USB drive with a set of portable apps

I’d bumped into portable Firefox and portable Thunderbird before, and played with them a bit. I’ve just bumped into http://www.portableapps.com/ and realized that I can have a more or less full suite of the tools that I use most, on a USB flash drive, that I carry with me. Really want to see how well this works!

build a $10 handheld for the poor
How does this work?

Computers exist at a price point because

  1. Companies that make them can make money at that price, because
  2. People will spend that much

So what if you start with a different optimization criterion? What if you try to push Moore’s law the other way, and build, say, something with roughly the computational power of a Palm V for as little as you can? $10, say? It’s technically possible.

One person in four lives on US$1 a day or less. So a $10 computer is two weeks wages. I’d love to contribute to a computer that would help that 25% of the world find their way out of poverty.

find out how much God loves me
Talk about an unreachable goal...

I’m slowly learning that the whole point of everything is for us to learn how much God loves us. I’ve only just realized that one of the most fundamental verses in the Bible doesn’t say what I read it as… I thought “God is love” meant something like “God loves” or “God is loving”. Doesn’t say that. Man, do I have a lot to learn.

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