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  1. 1. change job
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  2. 2. make foreign freinds
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  3. 3. write diary
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  4. 4. record my every idea
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  5. 5. drink more water
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  6. 6. Read more books
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  7. 7. making friends
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record my every idea
record my ideas

Everyone has its own ideas,thoughts of everything.I do have many ideas,but mostly they are often different from others’, and usually trigers much discussion.It is that many people think there is something wrong with my head, or I’m cynic.Of course I’m not,I’m quite sure about it.I just have my own thoutht,not like somebody to follow the arthority.I want to speak out everything I think,if not I feel it is too strange.
Let it strange!To be myself!

I want to make some foreign freinds

Dear Everybody;
This is Paul from China.I want to make some international freinds that would like to help me improve me English or want to know more about China.If there is someone interested, please contact me on Msn:zblflying@hotmail.com or Gtalk:waterth@gmail.com or Skype:waterth
I’d like to make freinds with everyone.

Change Job
I want to change my job in the next two monthes

I am not satisfied with my current job.I quited my last job six monthes ago for the worsening relation between my father and month.Of course,I like it for it was my first job after graduation and the salary was not too bad.Now the relation is not so bad,so I begin to think to change my job again.Acturally,I don’t like my current job any more:it is not exciting,it is not challenging,it doesn’t bring me more money;the trueth is that it can’t offer me a chance to fulfil my dream and my ambition.I want to go out of my hometown and my parents,to seek a big platform in a big city,such as Beijing or Shanghai in China


I want to:
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