is learning to skate

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Depart from this world at peace with myself and with everyone in it

This goal will only ever be achieved at the end of my life, which I hope is many years from now. In the end I want to be content with the life that I had. If this is the only thing that I achieve in my life I will die a happy man when the time comes.

make a feature film

This is something that I would absolutely love to do.

experience a white christmas

I live in New Zealand and it is always summertime when we have Christmas. I would love to celebrate Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere and have a real white Christmas.

pay for the person behind me

This is an amazing idea. I love random acts of kindness. They make people feel so good.

Pay it Forward
Inspired by a kid

It’s funny to think that this whole concept of paying it forward was inspired by a kid. I think it is a wonderful concept and I love to help people out who need it.

ride a unicycle

I really want to learn to juggle while riding a unicycle but just learning to ride a unicycle without complications would be good enough for now

Learn to juggle
I love Juggling

I can do a three ball cascade and keep it going for ages but the moment I try anything trickier I can’t do it. I am so jealous of my dad though. He can juggle axes.

become a psychologist

This would be an amazing goal to achieve

make a violin

I am a violinist in my towns orchestra and I think it would be awesome to turn up to rehersals with an instrument that I made.

save a life

I would happily do this again. It is an extremly worthwile goal and it makes you feel so good inside.

speak a foreign language fluently
Learning Hungarian

Hungarian was my Grandfather’s (Nagypapa in Hungarian) native language and it is a language that I would really love to learn.

Make more people smile
I love seeing people happy

It makes me feel so great when I make someone else happy that this is a must for me. I also know what it is like to be heavily depressed and it does not feel good and I would never wish it on anyone else, even if I don’t like them. By helping others you are helping yourself.

become a hacker

All I have to say about this one is www.hackthissite.com

Go someplace very, very dark and look at the stars all night
I love space

I think this would be an amazing experience

use linux
Windows Sucks

Stuff you Bill Gates. Tux is right. Windows sucks.

learn to program
Visual Basic

I know a little bit of coding for Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition and I think it is a good place for beginning programmers to start. Especially with the help of the book “Learn Visual Basic 2005 in 24 Hours”.

go to the Olympics

I am one of the best under 18’s at badminton in my region but I am nowhere near a high standard at the moment. If I was to go to the Olympics I would want to be representing my country in badminton so I guess the only thing to do is train hard and get noticed.

learn gymnastics
I love trampolining

I would love to learn to be an all round gymnast but the main reason I would want to learn is the trampolining. I can do a forward sommersault and a backfilp on a trampoline but unfortunately my backyard trampoline does not have enough bounce for me to attempt a double. i guess the first stage will be to find a club

do something that matters
Helping Others

I really don’t worry so much about myself but I do worry about others so if I do something that matters it will be something to help others.

learn to draw
Art Lover

I love art but unfortunately I’m not very good at it. I would love to learn how to draw manga because I love Japanese anime.

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