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109. Yellow-bellied sapsucker 12-15-12

pic taken at Palmetto State Park, 18 Jan 14

Saw this bird at my first Christmas Bird Count 2012. Got a pic then, but got a little better one while we were camping in January at Palmetto SP. :)

In this part of Texas, I think the only sapsucker we have is this one. They are the only woodpeckers around here with white patches on the shoulder (rather than middle of back like a downy).


keep a bird life list (read all 109 entries…)
108. Hermit thrush 11-23-12

Image courtesy of wikipedia

Saw this bird in my parents’ backyard at Thanksgiving. There was a leaking water hose, and a few birds drinking and splashing. Cute little hermit thrush on the ground there.


I know I took a few pics, but I have hardly posted anything to flickr since that Thanksgiving when dad passed on, so it’s been hanging me up on my bird list here. I’m over 150 birds. I’ll find the pic and add it at some point.

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1-8-14 Wednesday

• blessed with a flexible job
• squeezed in at the chiropractor
• silly notes from my sister
• simon and garfunkel
• phone call with my mom

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