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Meet a new friend online.
Hey everyone.

I’m not interested in meeting anyone in person or anything, I just kinda want a kaypal. My email (that I’m using for this) is evil-bananas@hotmail.com.

learn how to sing and sing on stage at least once
Contests and Organizations

I’ve sung in a few contests, and with groups and ensembles in concert. With one of those groups, I was the main soloist, so I got to sing for most of the songs, usually as a solo. Basically, if you want to sing onstage, try and find a group or something, and contests are always good, because not only will you maybe get to sing on stage, but you could win prizes, and will probably be able to improve your sining with judges comments and watching the other competitors.

Eat right and excercise so I can get down to a healthy weight.
Too young for this problem...

I’m not going to say how old I am, but I will tell you that I’m way too young to be having this problem. Most girls my age worry about their weight as a vanity thing, but for me, it’s actually a health issue. I come by it honestly, both of my parents are overweight, particularly my mother, who has struggled with her weight all her life. We’ll be following a diet and she starts off so well, then when she sees ice cream or something on sale when she’s having an off day, she’ll bring home like 3 containers, and I just don’t have the willpower to not have any if the rest of my family is going to. My birthday is in June, and my goal for this year is to lose 20 pounds total by Christmas, and 40 pounds total by my birthday.

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