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  1. 1. get out of debt
    12,202 people
  2. 2. Excercise more
    482 people
  3. 3. thoroughly clean the house and then keep it clean
    66 people
  4. 4. stop procrastinating
    30,416 people
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learn how to tie the stem of a maraschino cherry with my tongue
Does this count?

I just pulled the knot tight as I pulled the stem out. If you try this…pick a looong stem to begin with. People will be amazed at this. Try not to show off though…. :)

watch the sunrise
get coffee first

Then just soak it in….

learn to ride a motorcycle
Still riding

Did when I was a kid, my Dad taught me all the “boy” things, even though I was his little girl. I love to ride even now…at 45.

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