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How to live in Ireland for a year
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365 days
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Very happy

How to have no credit card debt at end of 2009
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8 months
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Very very happy!

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Live in Ireland for a year (read all 2 entries…)

Well I currently have 135 days left til lift off…. Jan 12 it is!
Flight is paid for, just have to get uni out of the way and it will be all focus on planning!

marry an irishman
Well that's really self-explanatory isn't it??

Ok, now this will sound all very hocus pocus or new agey or something, none of which I typically am… but I’ve always felt somehow that my “soulmate” (again with the new agey stuff) will be found in Ireland. And apart from anything else, the accent just makes me laugh non stop. And the dancing and singing. Oh the joy!

Live in Ireland for a year (read all 2 entries…)
I want to live in Ireland for a year....


I have set my goal to go in January 2010. I have fleeting fears that I will be so out of my depth and be homesick as hell, and I know I will, like I was when I was first at boarding school. But it passed, and I know it will be the same in Ireland. While there I am going to LIVE! I want it to be the best year of my life to that point. I will also allow my hear to stay open while i’m there. Take it as it comes.. which leads me to goal no. 2….


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