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manage my anxiety
manage my anxiety

I know I’ll never be rid of it, but I hope to make it so that it doesn’t continue keeping me from doing awesome stuff like living life and taking chances and stuff. It’s grown so much over the years that it’s kept me in a teeny tiny box. I’d like to put it into an even teeny tinier box. And stop being in a box.

In other news, I’m flying all by myself on Christmas Day to New Jersey. I read that there are a ton of delays and stuff over there because of crazy weather. I am going to try to not freak out about that.

figure out who I am
Hobbies and such

I’ve been sewing which is super fun to me. It is really satisfying to complete projects and whatnot. I’ve also recently started drawing/doodling. My man friend gave me some moleskines and a drawing tablet and some fancy pencils to support this newfound hobby of mine.


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