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fairies. i need help

OK so i found this song that Morningstar14 posted . and all of a sudden i started dancing. i don’t know what happened to me cause i never danced like this before. it just kinda came out of nowhere and i couldn’t feel anything. nothing above below or beside me . i kind of felt like i was floating. anyways my back kinda itches and it hurts really bad. my back doent ache wile im dancing so whats going on.please tell me

become a fairy (read all 3 entries…)
my napping dream

” The lady took me out of the forest and locked me in this nature like room and i was curled up on a couch,later,someone was trieng to open the door….................... when the door opened it was the lady again she took me out of the room and stood me on a hill the lady says go go , hurry , and pushes me down the high hill , half way down i bust out wings and start to fly away , i land on the ground surrounded by evil creatures , i feel fear but anger as i close my eyes and when i open them the creatures are dead laying flat on there backs and the grass beneath me has vanished, while i closed my eyes a force of wind came upon them like a heat wave but the only difference was it wasn’t heat …........ it was air . I woke up

Fairygirl11's Fairy class for beginners!

Hey can I join but I don’t have my wings yet

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