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lose 20 pounds and keep it off
Beef Cake

Some how the the winter months and the holidays seem to add pounds to me before I know it. Every year I know it’s going to happen, and every year I’m surprised when it does happen. Started walking today and won’t stop until the holidays are off my waist.

compose a 43things about me list
This Might Be Disturbing.... or quite a hoot!

i will begin this shortly. thought must be put into it. i will share, laugh and cry.

go skinny dipping
take hold of the moment

one of my favorite dips came a few years ago when i found a very neatly folded towel on the beach at 2a.m. and took it as a sign that a cool plunge off the dock and nakedness was in my future. what a night and what a feeling… sister in-law and my wife chasing after me… naked baby, yes…naked baby

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