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Go skydiving

My Dad was a paratrouper in the Army – he made well over 100 jumps. While this certainly wouldn’t be the same as what he did, it would be something that I could share a little bit of his experience.

Besides, it looks like a lot of fun!

run a half marathon
I still can't believe I enjoy running!

Ran the Coyote Hills Half Marathon on 1/29/2011. Finished in 207th place with a time of 2:14:22. Since then, I ran the Surf City Half in 2:04:58. I have my next Half on 2/19 – I’m aiming to finish in under 2 hours.

I registered for the Modesto Marathon (3/20/2011) and the Seattle Rock n’ Roll Marathon (6/25/2011). I guess I can call myself a runner now…

PS – that’s me on the right!

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First Half Marathon

I just ran my first half marathon this morning (13.17 miles actually) – the Coyote Hills Half Marathon. 2 hrs, 14 min and 22 secs. I wanted to finish in under 10 minutes a mile which didn’t happen but this race had 647 feet of hills so I actually feel pretty good about my finish. On to my next race – next weekend?!

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