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learn python (read all 10 entries…)
Typo Yields Weirdness

Dictionaries are one of the built in types that I really like in Python. (I think of them as the equivalent of dt and dd in HTML, if that helps anyone.)

But I made a typo, and that typo works. Now the typo is playing with my head. Take a look as this history from the Python Interpreter:

>>> d={} 
>>> d['key']=d
>>> d
{'key': {...}}

Yes, if this is correct, Python knows that dictionary ‘d’ has a key named ‘key’ that contains dictionary ‘d’.

What makes this example particularly cool is the {...}, which shows Python knows that there is no bottom at the end of this dictionary.

This is so cool.

These examples work too:

>>> d['key']['key']
{'key': {...}}
>>> d['key']['key']['key']['key']['key']['key']
{'key': {...}}

Read "The Pragmatic Programmer" (read all 3 entries…)
Book Delivered

The courier arrived with The Book while I was at work, but thankfully the Property Management company for my condominium signed for it.

And so here I sit, at home on a Tuesday evening, with my very own copy of The Pragmatic Programmer.

After reading some reviews on the web, I was worried that the typesetting would be poor, but all the grousing is unwarranted.

The copy I have is professionally printed and well laid out with a good mix of white space and text.

Since I am starting out on a new project, I think that I will read Chapter 7 on specifications first.

learn python (read all 10 entries…)

It took the afternoon, but I found the useful Python module that creates a web server so that you can browse installed modules from your web browser:

It’s called pydoc.

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