finding a way to become a mermaid without useing spells or potions!!!!

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  1. 1. become a mermaid when i touch water
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  2. 2. Become a real Mermaid
    262 people
  3. 3. I AM A MERMAID
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  4. 4. turn into a mermaid
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  5. 5. Mermaids And Magick
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  6. 6. become a mermaid
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  7. 7. i want to become a mermaid
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  8. 8. Become a mermaid Like h2o
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  9. 9. Become a h2o mermaid
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  10. 10. become a real live Mermaid
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  11. 11. to be a mermaid
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  12. 12. pray more
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  13. 13. Spend more time thanking God for all the things in life
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How I did it
How to stop casting spells
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1 day
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sad but proud

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turn into a mermaid (read all 2 entries…)
help plz

Is there anyway to become a mermaid without using spells or potions or any witchcraft? plz comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pray more
Plz i neeed advice

Hi i just found out casting spells and witchcraft is aginst God… i have performed spells before in the past (alot) well I was wondering bc of them will I be put in H E L L? Plz comment im very worried!!!!

become a mermaid when i touch water (read all 3 entries…)
This is it....

Well I just found out spells and witchcraft… its alllll against God sooo i guess im not going to be performing spells;( Yes I still wish i would become a mermaid but all the spells are gone for me never again will i perform a spell im gonna spend more time thanking god and NO time spell casting…. soooo i guess this is it bye yall….................. ;(

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