is very happy because I'm having a holiday for a few days! Yipee!

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Become less judgmental
Accept flaws in others

Its important to acknowledge our less than ideal thoughts and actions towards others, and realise that no-one is perfect. We all make mistakes, say the wrong thing, and do the wrong thing. By owning up to our judgmental attitudes, we can realise that we need to be sorry for our actions, and then we might be less likely to be judgmental in the future. Being less judgmental is good for us because it makes us more loving towards others, which will bring us less stress in our lives too.

increase my knowledge
Learning something new everyday

If you are busy learning something new everyday, you won’t be bored or lonely, and its a good way to make friends. We are all here to learn and share our knowledge with others.

Recycle CD's

I would love to know how I can recycle CD’s. I’ve thought of using them in Art.

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