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  1. 1. save a life
    1,738 people
  2. 2. grow old with my soul mate
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  3. 3. open my heart to someone completely without fear
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  4. 4. start jogging
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  5. 5. love myself
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  6. 6. lose wight
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Quit Smoking (read all 2 entries…)
my first day

it is my first day not smokeing its going easy for me to day :)
wish me luck

start jogging
in 5 months

after winterim going to start jogging on the 14 im going to quite somkeing im going to give my lungs 5 months to detox
then im going to start 3 day a week and im going to start takeing pics to see my body cheages

Quit Smoking (read all 2 entries…)

i quite smokeing for a month but my mood went up and i started somkeing but next week im get pill to help my mood so on the 14 im going to stop somkeing


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