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live simply
live simply

:without emotional regression, financial debt, or over consumption.

To respect nature:
Physically at least, I would like to limit my consumption, my waste and carbon footprint on the earth. So far I’ve attempted to be a vegetarian for a three years. Also I reuse everything I can and make artwork out of recyclable materials.

To respect myself:
Emotionally, living simply for me means to only have emotions move through me like weather systems and to remain content, enthusiastic, curious and ambitious. I have been a steady mediator for the past year.. recently it’s been lagging, but I am eager to see what the future brings.

”....a strange feeling of absolute harmony. It’s a perfect moment. Soft light, a scent in the air, the quiet mumor of the city. She breathes deeply.Life is simple and clear.” -Amelie

see the seven wonders of the world
2/7 age: 19

So far…

1) The great wall of china (age 8)
2) Chichen Itza (age 18)

I had a chance to go to the Christ Redeemer in Brazil, but the study abroad trip was canceled :(


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